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Undaunted Workshops

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Be Advisory, in association with the Strategic Management Forum, is offering a series of workshops on the themes explored in the one-day workshop Undaunted: How Successful leaders face up to wicked problems. There are ten key themes are:

1. Understand why problems seem daunting

2. How to stop being daunted

3. How to thrive on change

4. Introducing Valueism: principles & practices

5. Designing & implementing a value scheme

6. Organise for value creation

7. Lead change with a focus on value creation

8. Establish & maintain a value creation culture

9. Innovate to sustain value creation

10. Becoming a Valueist

Each half-day workshop will be delivered as both a public open enrolment event and as a private in-company event. They can be booked individually or as a series. The public workshops are £195 each or 10 for for £1,695 (a saving of £300) payable in 10 instalments, or £1,495 (a saving of £500) as one upfront payment. .

Past delegates on the one-day course will be offered the 10 workshops at a price of £1,495 (a saving of £500) over 10 instalments, or £1,295 (a saving of £700) as one upfront payment.

Additionally, book for 2 or more workshops and get 50% discount on an annual Strategic Management Forum membership (saving up to £125). Book 5 or more and get a free Annual Membership (saving up to £250).

For details of the next workshop dates, or to enquire about an in-company programme:

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