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The purpose of any business or organisation must be the creation of some form or value for some group of beneficiaries. Policies to determine what type of value and for whom must be decided by the board. The board is also responsible for the strategy to ensure the success of the organisation and for overseeing the performance of the executive responsible for executing it.

Research shows whilst increasingly stringent regulatory requirements require them to do so, most directors are unable to articulate what value the firms they direct create, for whom or how they create it. A value creation focused strategy and reporting, based on a well designed Value Scheme can help resolve many of the issues and help businesses and organisations realise new growth opportunities.     

This is the topic of a keynote speech, a workshop and a course offered by BE Advisory experts. They are offered publicly on an open enrolment basis and privately, in-company, for businesses or organisations. For future dates see events and courses in the news section. For private enquiries contact us to discuss your needs.

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