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“A critical part of understanding an entity’s business model is understanding its sources of value, being the key resources and relationships that support the generation and preservation of value”, says the Financial Reporting Council (FRC).  

A Value Scheme is a business's unique plan for creating and preserving value. It defines what value the business creates, for whom, and how. The clarity with which these strategic decisions are defined helps improve the quality and speed of strategic decision making at every level in the organisation. It also ensures all management and corporate business reporting is efficient, effective and of greater value. 
The Value Scheme also ensures the business is properly valued by investors and all other stakeholders.

This is the topic of a keynote speech, a workshop and a course offered by BE Advisory experts. They are offered publicly on an open enrolment basis and privately, in-company, for businesses or organisations. For future dates see events and courses in the news section. For private enquiries contact us  to discuss your needs.

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