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Innovation efforts often fail completely or disappoint. Curt Carlson formerly president and CEO of one of the world’s most Silicon Valley accelerators SRI discovered why after asking why “only 5% of venture capitalists in Silicon Valley make all the money, and 70% lose money”, whilst “only around 20% of all investment in research and development creates any real value for stockholders”.

His conclusion, "failure starts at the start”, with the lack of a real value proposition. Carlson goes on to say, “the real focus needs to be on value creation” where value is defined by the customer, not by the business or organisation. And value is a customer perception – or a patient, citizen or client perception.  But it must be stressed, a business also has to be aware of the value demanded by all those upon whom it depends to create and deliver customer value – suppliers, distributors, employees and society as a whole.  

This is the topic of a keynote speech, a workshop and a course offered by BE Advisory experts. They are offered publicly on an open enrolment basis and privately, in-company, for businesses or organisations. For future dates see events and courses in the news section. For private enquiries contact us to discuss your needs.

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